Caring for your jewellery

It is important to us that any jewellery purchased at Brash Bijoux maintains its good looks! We use high quality silver to create our pieces, and with a little love and attention they will last you for years. We have compiled a list of tips for you on how to care for your Brash Bijoux jewellery.

The best way to prevent any tarnishing of your piece is to wear it often. The natural oils in your skin will clean the silver and keep it looking at its best. Although this is the best option, we do recommend removing your jewellery before any type of exercise - excess perspiration can contribute to the tarnishing of your piece.  

If  possible, avoid contact with perfume, hair spray, false tan, lotions, etc. Harsh chemicals in these types of  products can accelerate tarnishing, and can also cause discolouration. We recommend popping your jewellery on last, to minimise contact.

Chemicals found in swimming pools, household items and substances containing sulphur, can be harmful and cause corrosion and tarnishing to your piece. We recommend to remove your jewellery before swimming, showering and undertaking household chores.

Also, remember that direct sunlight and seawater can be harmful, so remove before heading to the beach and when sunbathing. This will also ensure a more even tan :)

When you aren’t wearing your jewellery, keep pieces out of direct light, in the box that it came in. Even better if you keep it in airtight plastic bags after a clean to keep it in good condition.

To bring your piece back to a shine and to remove tarnish, we recommend using an anti-tarnish polishing cloth (available in the shop). If your piece requires a little more help try cleaning with warm soapy water and using a soft tooth brush.

For more tarnished pieces, make a paste of baking soda and water. Apply a small amount to a clean cloth and gently work in the paste to the silver and polish. Run the piece under running warm water, and dry with a clean cloth.

Brash Bijoux don’t recommend using commercial silver cleaners, they can be harmful if inhaled in an unventilated room and can do more damage to your jewellery over time from removing the anti tarnish coating.

Please note – All the above information is advice only. Brash Bijoux will not be held responsible for any damages that may occur by following the above recommendations.