Our story

‘Though she be but little she is fierce’ William Shakespeare

Everybody is talking about Brash Bijoux, a unique jewellery brand with a strong statement jewellery collection from talented silversmith Zoe Kilbride. Starting out by creating bespoke pieces for the inspiring women in her life, Kilbride found herself with a brand that empowered her audience, and helped them stand out from the crowd too.
Using traditional Silversmithing techniques, each piece is soldered and hallmarked. From the delicate rose gold trinity bands to the bold lightening bolt chains and fairy-tale star earrings, the collection is an intriguing mix of strong shapes and delicate proportions, with a dose of quirkiness thrown in for good measure.

Founder and creator Kilbride is pretty special too. She started her career at 16, training as a goldsmith in the family business in London’s Hatton Gardens. But the glamour of the fashion industry lured her away to become a garment technologist, where she spent years creating designs for the high street fashion houses.

But it was the strong women in her family that kept her dream of launching her own collection alive. ‘My Nan was the eldest of 5 girls and evacuated from the war. She became head of the family from a tender age. My mum ran her own market stall. Some days she would come home with nothing. Some days she would come home with £2k after a weekend trading. She was so tenacious – she’d set up clothes rails outside nightclubs and near the bus stops, so the girls would buy outfits to get them in to the clubs! Smart women, business and jewellery is in my blood. I’m honoured to have the opportunity to take Brash forward.’

So what is Kilbride’s vision for Brash Bijoux? ‘I want to make jewellery that gives women confidence. A bit like putting on those ‘go-anywhere’ jeans that fit like a glove, or that ‘day-into-night’ little black dress. A piece of really well-made jewellery that makes women feel bold, empowered, in control. A piece that surprises its owner – it may be small, but its impact is fierce!’