The Making of the Multi Chain

The Multi Chain Bracelet was originally created with a special person in mind, my Mum. With a unique style it wasn't easy finding the right present, so with Brash in the early stages of becoming a Brand and starting back at the bench, it was the perfect opportunity to create what is now a top selling bracelet... Oh and I was getting lots of hints and nudges for an upcoming birthday...  "Soooooo you're a jeweller now...?" yeah yeah yeah I know, jewellery for life now!

Welcome to The Making of the Multi Chain Bracelet...

This is the start of the Multi, in all its raw glory. Loose chain, wire, balls, tags and clasps!

The raw materials used for the multi chain braclet

The first of many processes begins with making the jump rings, these are made from wrapping wire around a wooden dowel or if teeny tiny rings are needed, wooden skewers and tooth picks! Three types are needed for the bracelet, the thickest are used for the ends of the ball and snake chain.

    sawing jumprings from a tooth pick 

The ball and snake chain are the only parts to have the rings actually soldered onto the ends and getting the solder to melt before the chain can be tricky. 

first stage of soldering

"I felllll into a burning ring of fire..."

burning up

"I went down, down, down
And the flames went higher
And it burns, burns, burns....."

Two chains down, a rendition of Ring of Fire, and it is time to calm things down with the Sound of Music....  

a needle pulling thread

"Sewwww, a needle pulling thread" not quite a thread. The balls are threaded onto a chain and held in place with the smallest jump rings made earlier. With the jump rings soldered at the ends, it's into the pickle pot - the pickle solution is used to rid the silver of fire scale caused by the burn!

into the pickle pot

The last chain has the most processes with ten rings to solder and a visit to the pickle pot in between each burn up... In the pot... out the pot... in... out... in... out "shake it all about" its a long process but I get to do the Hokey Cokey HEY!

Large ring chain being made

 Hooray... the bracelet is put together and ready to be soldered for the last time

   fitting the final jump ring on the multi chain bracelet the final soldering of the multi chain bracelet

One last dip in the pickle pot and its ready for buff with the hand polisher and a rather large block of compound!

final polish

The process in making the bracelet is time consuming and that is what makes it stand out as a piece of beauty. With its timeless look you can see why its one of the top three seller!

The Multi Chain Bracelet

Fancy a Multi Chain bracelet for yourself? Check them out here! 

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