Bringing your Brash back to bling!

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Broke the rules? Don't like looking like Mr T? Don't fret! We are here to help with the Bringing your Brash back to bling guide! 

It's a fast paced world we live in now so we understand you don't always have time to follow the key rules in caring for your silver jewellery, or the confidence to wear all your pieces all day everyday to prevent tarnish.

With a few household products we are going to show you how to remove that tarnish, mostly found in the baking cupboard. Or, if your name isn't Mary Berry pop and see your Granny (well known supermarkets will stock all items too).

The Soda and Vinegar mix

You will need:
A tin lined with foil (shiny side up)
150ml White wine vinegar
150ml Hot water
1tbs Bicarbonate of Soda
1tbs Salt
What to do:
Line a tray with the foil remembering to place shiny side up. Add the salt, soda and then the vinegar and hot water. It will start to bubble and, if like us, you didn't use a deep enough tray to start with, it will froth over. Be careful!
Brash Bath
Place your piece of silver in the mixture, making sure it makes contact with the foil.
Leave for a few minutes, longer if heavily tarnished.
Heavily tarnished before the bath: 
The mixture is hot so be careful when removing your jewels. Rinse and dry your piece on a micro fibre cloth, it's not necessary, but will bring to even more of a shine.
 After bath with a nice aroma of vinegar!:
After bath - Shiny like a disco ball

 Ring example, before and after the Soda bath.

You dirty, dirty ring!

tarnished ring

 Back to bling ring:Clean ring after the bath to remove tarnish

The Rubber way

You will need:
A rubber.

The next tip is ideal for flat pieces of jewellery like a ring or pendant. All you need for this is a rubber, and a nice rubbing motion! Its simple and it really does bring pieces to a mirror ball shine.

Bottom half of pendant cleaned with a DREAM BIG pencil rubber:Pendant cleaned with rubber

(DREAM BIG pencil rubber not essential, but always nice. Any rubber will do)



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